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Это Израиль!

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 То, что вы увидите только в Израиле

Things That You Will Only See in Israel

More Women fly F-16’s in Israel than drive cars in Saudi Arabia.

Hasidic family crossing sign

Soldiers who bring their kids to work

Sudoku while swimming in the Dead Sea

The reason 7-Elevens are never robbed in Israel

Israel is the only country where army reservists are commanded by officers younger than their own children

An entire country comes to a halt

On Holocaust Remembrance Day, a siren goes off at 10 AM in Israel in memory of the 6,000,000 Jews who perished in the Holocaust.

As the siren wails all activity comes to a halt, including traffic on major highways.


Israel in one of the only countries where sun sets into the Mediterranean Sea

Kosher McDonald's

Antheists who believe in God

Remarkable Diversity

Wedding photos like this

Your date brings her M-16

A hasidic family dressed like this

Supermodels who serve in the military

No cars on the road for an entire 24 hours (Yom Kippur)

Road sings like this


And Spiderman

Generations Collide

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